Order nest boxes in pairs, SAVE $30!

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For every two Star Prairie Nest Boxes purchased, a $30 discount will be applied. This is to encourage installation of nest boxes in pairs. When two houses are located approximately 20 feet apart, birds will compete less. For example, bluebirds and tree swallows will coexist peacefully if each has a house. Otherwise, they will fight over a single nest box.

Star Prairie Nest Boxes must be mounted to 3/4″ nominal-pipe-size, 1.050-inch-diameter, steel pipe (not included). Pipe, like this, is readily available from local home centers. Galvanized pipe is recommended for weather resistance — do not use thin tubing. Also, adding a top cap/plug helps prevent water from entering, freezing, and breaking components.

By purchasing/installing Star Prairie Nest Boxes, you are accepting responsibility for evaluating suitability for your purposes, ensuring that nest box mounting pipes are securely anchored, and that nest boxes remain in good condition and tightly fastened to mounting pipes.

Take extra precautions when anchoring mounting pipes into the ground. You must call 811 or go to your state’s 811 website to request that locations of buried utilities be marked so that you don’t unintentionally hit underground utility lines. 811 protects you and your community. Hitting a buried line can disrupt utility service, cost money to repair, and cause serious injury or death.

For those who are purchasing Nest Box Cam Mounting Kits, Ring Stick Up Cams and Ring Solar Panels must be purchased separately. In addition, greatest flexibility will come with a Ring Protect subscription and a Wi-Fi extender with strong transmission power and high sensitivity. (The Ring Protect subscription allows motion-activated video clips to be recorded, saved, and shared.)

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