Watch this video and discover many features which make the Star Prairie Nest Box superior to ordinary birdhouses. (Click on video to play/pause.)

Several species, like bluebirds, cannot create their own nesting cavities. They must rely on other formations — woodpecker holes, rotten fence posts…or man-made nest boxes. The Star Prairie Nest Box offers many benefits to natural cavities, including long-lasting durability, improved predator protection, better shading and ventilation, and superior cleanliness and drainage.

Also, because of harm from invasive species, monitoring is critical for breeding success. Nest boxes should be checked regularly to help ensure desired use and health of inhabitants. (Learn more in our Tips Section.) If you’ve ever opened an ordinary birdhouse, however, you’ve likely encountered overheated contents, had eggs fall out, or disrupted nest materials which were stuck to a hinged door. Plus, you may have had to climb a ladder for access!

The Star Prairie Nest Box helps to provide problem-species control and safer monitoring. It thoughtfully combines real wood, weatherproof components, and an adjustable-height mounting system into a premium birdhouse for the well-being of birds and their caretakers alike.

Learn more about and help launch the even better Star Prairie Nest Box V2 Prototype here.

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