Tip: Install nest boxes in pairs for less competition.

Order Star Prairie Nest Boxes

$185 each, $340 per pair

Each Star Prairie Nest Box includes a cellular PVC nesting enclosure and choice of a cedar wood or cellular PVC entrance panel. Entrance panel options feature oval holes, round holes, and solid configurations. Nest boxes must be secured to 3/4″ nominal-pipe-size, 1.050-inch-diameter pipe (not included). Pipe is readily available from local home centers.

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Order Nest Box Cam Mounting Kits

$50 each

For tech-savvy birders, this mounting kit helps incorporate a Ring™ Stick Up Cam and Solar Panel into Star Prairie Nest Boxes. The kit includes two mounting brackets, hardware, and a special locking pin. Note that nest box cam installation prevents interior entrance panel storage. A Ring Stick Up Cam and a Ring Solar Panel must be purchased separately. In addition, greatest flexibility will come with a Ring Protect subscription and a Wi-Fi extender.

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Order Roosting Box Panels

$20 each

In regions where birds winter, use these wooden panels to transform Star Prairie Nest Boxes into roosting boxes. To install, slide existing entrance panels upside down into front nest box channels and insert roosting panels into rear channels.

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Order Extra Entrance Panels

$15 each

The patented design of Star Prairie Nest Boxes allows bird caretakers to easily change entrance panels to suit specific bird species. Find hole-size recommendations in our Tips Section. Panels simply slide into front channels during nesting season and into rear channels for off-season storage. Each nest box comes with an entrance panel of your choice. If you need extras, you can order them here.

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